Twitch Streams

I’m on Twitch! Come watch me play games and make music!

What do I stream?

I stream games, music, and generally have a good time. I make jokes, say silly stuff, talk to viewers, yell at pixels, and just have fun! Any game I play will be accessible to blind players since I myself am blind! I’ll talk about how I play, and I’m happy to share info with other blind folk looking to get into (or back into) gaming. I also stream my music production! These streams are generally slower. You can’t rush art, after all, and hopefully we’ll end up with a cool track at the end of it. I also talk a lot about how I make music without vision. It’s pretty cool!

When do I stream?

I usually stream 2-3 times a week. For the most up-to-date info, follow me on Twitch and turn on stream notifications so you know when I go live. I also post stream announcements to my Twitter page.