Bean Themes

Have you ever thought about what kind of theme song your character, pet, or fursona might have? Techno, EDM, synthwave, or some rock organ? Maybe you need a retro chiptune for your protogen, or nothing short of a lively tropical jam will do for your parrot. Perhaps there’s a suave fox who needs to get down to some heart-pounding EDM or prowl the neon streets of synthwave city. Either way, your character deserves a great tune to go with all of that exquisite artwork you have.

How it Works

The process is simple. First, you provide me with a physical description of your character–no ref sheet required, but more details is more better. Next, tell me about their personality: likes, dislikes, general mood and energy, and any quirks or fun facts about them! I’ll take all of this info and craft a personalized Bean Theme that you can use.

Current Rate

1-minute Bean Theme, composed, mixed, and master by Pepper: USD$50.

Quotes and Commission Status

You can view my Trello for the most up-to-date status on all commissioned works, prices, and terms of service. Terms of service are also available here.

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